Who we are

EVERSTORY is a home for creative artists. A growing company that develops original concepts and formats. Our goal is to create new worlds for all generations.


Besides creating concepts, we continuously build our artists network into a vast artist agency representing  more than 200 creative artists. Our main focus lies on the legal, strategic and administrative support of leading, creative minds. Writers, composers, illustrators, designers and builders. Uniting people that work behind the scenes.

As a production company, agency, service company and studio, building bridges, connecting artists and production companies and artists with each other is our core-business. 


Use your imagination, invent new things and always be ready for a new world. We welcome you and your story!

What we offer

for artists

  • a wide network of artists with fun colleagues

  • help with searching jobs

  • guidance and strategic advice regarding your business

  • available coworkinspace

  • assistance with the administration, invoicing and payroll of your project

for clients and production companies

  • overall management and development of your project

  • assistance with administration, concept-building and business management in the film and theatre industry

  • developing stories and scenario's

  • digital design of your project, illustration or concept art

  • construction and installation of decors

Get in Touch

Pourbusstraat 25/4
2000 Antwerpen

Contact:  info@everstory.be

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