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Pourbusstraat 25 2000 Antwerpen


Everstory is a production and service company that unites and represents professionals in the film and creative industry.


Passioned and eager to bring intriguing stories to life our company produces its own content and is open for freelance work in fiction and commercials.

Our art department and prop house is experienced in delivering props and building sets for film, theatre and theme parks.

Driven by their skills we represent and offer management solutions for creative artists, technicians and crew members :


  • writers & directors

  • illustrators & graphic designers

  • design, construction, decor and props

  • make-up artists & costume designers

  • camera, sound & lighting crew

  • composers

  • production managers & assistants

  • post production & special effects crews

In need of our artists or crew or interested in joining us?


Contact us at jobs@everstory.be