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‘Koud Licht’ is een beklijvende, stijlvolle thriller waar de jonge redactrice Hanne terugkeert naar haar oude vakantiebestemming en daar oog in oog komt te staan met een verleden dat reeds lang had moeten rusten... Hanne, hoogsensitief, wordt erg beïnvloed door de plotse verdwijning van de vorige bewoners. Uit brieven, die ze in een oude zeemanskist terugvindt, komt ze tot het akelige besef dat haar intuïtie haar niet bedriegt.


Vanitas is a gripping fiction-film about today’s art-world. A young woman named Sarah, who follows in her father’s footsteps as an art-restorer and is confronted with the forging of masterpieces. She thereby decides to look for the ugly truth inside the world she idealizes.


In a future utopia, science continues the quest for eternal youth, but in doing so unleashes a toxin into the world with devastating consequences: accelerated aging. During a mass evacuation with airships, lovers Dante and Irea are separated, with Irea taking drastic and disastrous measures to find him. A film with outstanding technological innovations that creates a feeling of silent and animated films altogether.


How to Fall Apart: a true love story is the remarkable story of two people who find each other by saying goodbye. Jelle and Sofie are two filmmakers who share a history as a couple. They also both have their own trauma to deal with. During a research trip in Greece they are inevitably confronted with their problems. They decide to point the camera at themselves, and start filming their candid talks, their personal contemplations and their everyday lives. Documentary and lush impressionistic images are combined into a unique whole. The result is a courageous film that shows how depression can be a force of positive change in life.


It is the year 1147. After leaving his beloved and pregnant wife Lenora, the knight Gerlachus sets out on a war against his enemies. Following a great battle Gerlachus notices a mysterious deer in the shadow of the forest. After a brief encounter with the deer, Gerlachus gets struck by a vision of Lenora, screaming in her bed. When the battle is won and the war is over, Gerlachus goes on a hunt to celebrate this victory.